NYTimes.com: ‘Anonymous’ Is Hiding in Plain Sight

Not since “Deep Throat” has America wondered about the identity of an anonymous figure. But, as op-ed columnist Thomas L. Friedman notes in his commentary (click here), the identity of “anonymous” scarcely matters “[b]ecause the article so perfectly captured the devil’s bargain [the GOP has] struck with this president.” In essence, the entire establishment is anonymous: anonymously fuming at Trump’s indiscretions while hoping that some part of their agenda gets accomplished.

Not all Republicans are satisfied with this bargain. These (“McCain Republicans”?) certainly want the presidency to succeed, but allow that the cost of the Trump presidency is too great.

Lower taxes? Excellent! Increased government spending? What’s the point? Deregulation? Nice. But our environment will soon demand more for our survival.

What is considerably frustrating about Trump is his unwillingness to behave presidentially. By that, I mean a willingness to set aside his own ego, his own self-interests, even his own legacy. A president – Republican, Democrat, or otherwise – is above all a servant. Increasingly, I find that all the GOP is doing is serving the president, not the people.

That Trump was ever our only choice is ludicrous. Jeb Bush or several of the other GOP contenders could have achieved lower taxes, deregulation, etc. In short, Trump is not our savior, but our devil.

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