How far can you go on a Stromer?

On fairly flat terrain, one can cover a lot of ground even in the highest assist mode. But what about mountainous terrain? How far can one get on a Stromer?

Now, in the highest assist mode, I’ve gotten around 30 miles, but in the lowest assist mode, I can go well over 70 miles. On one road test, I covered about 62 miles, taking the last two miles in the highest assist mode, and having about 21 percent remaining on the battery. The trek took me through the Santa Cruz mountains, gaining some 4,200 feet in elevation. I averaged 17.4 miles over 57.1 miles, which constituted the first (very long) leg of the trip. Another six or so miles was added as sort of a warm down, but with one final charge up the last two very steep miles. On that short leg, I gained some 1,200 feet.

Riding in the lowest assist mode is a definite workout, requiring a certain level of fitness. But even in this lowest setting, I was cruising faster than the average rider, taking the inclines perhaps twice as fast, though with a certain effort. My Strava suffer score on the first leg was 95 (average heartbeats per minute equalling 139; max heart-rate: 168 bpm).

Tested on a Stromer ST2 w/ upgraded battery (983wh, same as on the ST2S).

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